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  • My Favorite team isn't on either TEAMLINE or FREE TEAMLINE, what can I do?
    • You should get them signed up! Just have an official from the team call TEAMLINE at 1-800-846-4630. It costs them absolutely nothing to join.
  • What is the difference between TEAMLINE and FREE TEAMLINE?
    • TEAMLINE is the traditional service that we've been providing since the early 1990's. TEAMLINE is a pay-to-listen service that parents, fans, and alumni utilize to listen to their favorite team's games. This "traditional" TEAMLINE is a free service to it's member teams. Developed in 2001-02 FREE TEAMLINE is similar to the traditional TEAMLINE, except instead of the listener paying to listen, the member team pays a per-game fee to provide their broadcasts to listeners free of charge. Many teams have joined FREE TEAMLINE in response to listeners' dependence on the "free on the internet" types of listening options. Many listeners have become so accustomed to listening for free that their demand prompted team administrators to effectively "pick up the tab" for their boosters and supporters. The decision to participate with TEAMLINE or FREE TEAMLINE is entirely upon the individual team.


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  • Listening on the phone can get expensive. How can I keep my costs low, while listening?
    • If you are using a credit card and want to listen to the entire game, consider purchasing the TEAMLINE GameDay Pass. For a flat fee you can listen to the entire game. Compared to our per-minute option, you'll save!
    • If you plan to call frequently consider purchasing a TEAMLINE Telephone Season Ticket. The cost is as little as 10¢ for every minute with no minimum charge! You can call in and hang up without penalty; your access is quicker.
    • Get a group together and listen on a speakerphone or through your stereo system so you can split the cost.
  • How can I use a speaker phone with TEAMLINE?
    • We recommend that you call in using your handset. Don't activate the speaker until you get connected to the game, otherwise background noise in the room may interfere with our equipment understanding your touchtones. Once you are connected to the game turn your speaker phone ON. Make sure it is on before you hangup your headset. Turn the "mute" button ON or turn the "mic" button OFF. This will deactivate the microphone so the noises in the room will not cut the sound off during the game.
  • Will call waiting interfere with TEAMLINE?
    • If you have call waiting you may hear the tones during the game. Don't panic. Just pick up the handset and take the incoming call by hitting the hook switch or flash button once. When you are finished with the incoming call, just hit the hook switch again and the game will still be on.
  • Do I have to hangup and redial if I want to switch between games?
    • No. If you want to switch to another game, don't hang up, just press the "star" key and then enter the four digit code for your new team. You can switch games as as often as you like. Please note that if you purchased a "Game Day Pass" you will not be able to switch games, as the "Game Day Pass" is only valid for one game.
  • Can I call in from Canada?
    • Yes, just dial the same number as always. The system will receive your call and collect the telephone number you are dialing from. It will then call you back and you can listen to games as normal.
  • Can I call in from outside of the United Stats and Canada?
    • Yes, from outside the United States & Canada you must direct dial 614-635-1500 to access TEAMLINE. You will pay your own long distance from the country you are calling from, plus 25¢ /minute on your credit card. If your touchtones work just follow the prompts to go to the game you want. If they don't work, just hold and a live operator will put you through.
  • Why doesn't the system recognize my touchtones?
    • You must have a touchtone phone to listen to TEAMLINE. Each phone usually has a setting where you can set the type of dial your phone will use, the two options are usually pulse and tone. This setting has to be set to tone in order for our system to recognize your responses. If your phone is set to pulse, it will sound like you are on a rotary dial phone when you press a number.


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  • What media player / codec is used for TEAMLINE audio?
    • The official TEAMLINE player is currently a custom Java Applet. It contains all of the codecs that are needed to listen to our broadcasts. You will not need to download any additional codecs. The only thing you may need to do is install Java.
  • I cannot listen to audio, and my browser say that I need to install Java. What do I do?
    • As mentioned above, the official TEAMLINE player is a Java Applet. It requires that your browser have at least Java version 1.3 installed. If your browser is telling you to install Java, click this link, and click where it says "Download Now".
  • How can I make sure that my computer is setup ahead of time, so I do not have to miss any of my game?
  • Do I need broadband internet to listen? Is a dial-up connection fast enough to listen?
    • No, you do not need broadband internet. Yes a dial-up connection is fast enough to listen. TEAMLINE broadcast are stream around 15kbps, most dialup modems will be able to maintain this speed.
  • Is there anything I cannot do while listening?
    • The only thing you cannot do while listening to TEAMLINE is close your browser. The TEAMLINE Java Applet runs inside of your browser window. So if you close your browser or go to a different website it will cause the applet to stop playing. In addition, dial-up listeners should not attempt to surf the web while listening, as their internet connection will not be able to maintain data transfer rate needed to hear clear, smooth audio.
  • I'm getting a "Security Warning" when I got to a page with the TEAMLINE player on it. Should I be concerned?
    • No. This is your browser telling you that it will be installing the TEAMLINE player Java Applet. For the TEAMLINE player to work properly you need to select "Yes" or "Always", which will remember your selection of "Yes". If you select "No" you will NOT be able to listen to broadcasts on TEAMLINE.
  • I've installed the latest version of Java, and my browser is still displaying a white box with red X. Why is it still not working?
    • This indicates a problem with your browser. First try restarting your computer. If that still doesn't work you have two options: use a different browser, we recommend Firefox by Mozilla, or you can try our stand-alone player. The stand-alone player eliminates the browser, thus eliminating your problem. You can download a compressed version, which is smaller but requires an extraction program ( WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce, etc...), or you can download the executable file, which is larger but requires no other programs.


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  • What media player / codec does TEAMLINE use?
    • We are currently using the Windows Media Player with the Windows Media 9 Video codec.
  • How does the TEAMLINE video work?
    • Currently TEAMLINE video comes through your browser using the Windows Media plugin. This enables the video to be played directly through your browser without the need to launch an external application first.
  • How can I make sure that my computer is setup ahead of time, so I do not have to miss any of my game?
    • Go to the TEAMLINE site and click to listen as you normally would. Before you get to the game broadcast you will be prompted to test your machine. If the test works correctly you will see our test video clip and you will be all set.
  • I cannot see any video. What is going on?
  • Do I need broadband Internet to watch TEAMLINE video?
    • Yes. A simple dial-up connection cannot provide enough bandwidth to watch TEAMLINE video. Minimally you need 400 kbps connection to the Internet.
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