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The cost to listen is only $5 per game no matter how long you listen! Unlike Internet services, there are No Monthly Recurring Charges and no need to go online to cancel your membership. $5 gets you the game you want, when you want it, wherever you go!

TEAMLINE Direct™ provides access to your favorite team’s games from anywhere in the world using any telephone! TEAMLINE Direct™ takes advantage of the free night and weekend minutes that most fans have available on their cell phones. It also provides an inexpensive option for the growing number of sports fans who use VoIP telephone services, which feature unlimited long distance, such as Vonage™. International fans can even use the popular Skype™ Internet telephone service to listen from anywhere in the world! Without using one of the above services, additional long distance charges could be incurred from your long distance provider.

TEAMLINE Direct™ fills the gap between radio broadcasts and Internet streaming. No longer do you have to be tethered to your computer to listen to your favorite team’s games. The first time you call you’ll setup your account with your credit card. Each subsequent time you dial in you’ll be immediately connected to your desired game. Put TEAMLINE Direct™ on your speed dial and you are in the game with just the push of a single key. It’s incredibly fast, portable, inexpensive, and easy to setup.
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